Books by Jeff Bannister

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The story opens in the vast celestial processing centre of Astral Seven where a disturbing discovery is made in The Assignment Sector aka Dreamcatchers Inc. Certain wishes and prayers made on Terra Firma 20 years ago were authorised but have not been activated. Two Afterlife Technicians decide to activate them but the consequences bring chaos to the lives of those whose dreams suddenly come true, 20 years too late.

Four unique short stories of the Supernatural, including The Great Kalizan, The Lightning Man, Breach of Promise and The Last Laugh.

With quotes from Sir Elton John, Phil Collins and Francis Rossi, this biography of Alan Bown includes iconic photos of the band that blazed a trail through the 1960's, appearing on all the major TV shows at the time and sharing concert stages with bands such as The Who, Fteetwood Mac, The Small Faces and Pink Floyd to name a few.

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An isolated country cottage hides a sinister secret that engulfs an unsuspecting married couple. They become embroiled in a plot by a clandestine sect to invoke a dark entity and although another powerful organisation attempts to intervene, time begins to run out with the impending night of the Harvest Moon.

A number of entities from a parallel dimension have maintained their presence in the world over the centuries by employing the ancient arcane rite of transmigration. Many prominent figures of the current global society are host bodies to these rogue entities, all initiated by a ruthless clandestine organisation, The Grand Order of The Incarnates. Only one man can halt the relentless expansion of The Grand Order. He has inside information, names and profiles of all members. He conspires to destroy the regime but it may now be too late to stop The Incarnates.

The Multichord for all Keyboards is a unique system of playing chords on the piano and all keyboard musical instruments, with more than 3,000 copies already sold in the UK and USA. Including a glossary of over 200 chords, this book gives a clear and concise overview of chords found on modern sheet music and chord charts. Ideal for beginners and also established players as a valuable chord dictionary.

'He opened his eyes. He was alive but when he saw his reflection in a shop window he realised it was a fate worse than death. The image he could see was not human.'
Another story from The Astral 7 Chronicles by Jeff Bannister. A serial killer claims another victim but this time unwittingly starts a chain of events that resonate in this world and the next. In the Trans Generation Centre of Astral Seven an unknown entity is suspected of unauthorised actions of retribution.

The sequel to The Incarnates - Possession. The Grand Master of the Incarnates re-emerges on the world stage. His adversaries finally track him down but can they prevent him making the final transmigration; the one that will change the world.

An eco-journalist is taken on a virtual journey into the future. In an altered state of mind he wonders if the visions he sees are only hallucinations but the World Tour 2100 is just the beginning of a series of global scenarios that become more dreadful as his journey progresses far into the future.
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